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Be modern, brave, confident.And we'll create a perfect space for you.

Let's get acquainted! The main thing about us is that we are professionals in creating beautiful interiors. Let's start our story with the art of design from Alienicheva Design Studio.
We believe that your space should tell a story about you - your interests and predilections demonstrating the individual temperament of each family member.
For commercials, our projects recreate the atmosphere your clients are looking for.
We go beyond simply creating aesthetically attractive visual elements. We aim to create a unique atmosphere, ensuring functionality, practicality, and a unified concept.


Our projects

Our projects

Our workflow

  • 1. Acquaintance

    The design project begins with studying the needs and desires of the customer. We consider all the nuances, from lifestyle and needs to functional requirements for the future interior solution.
    The first stage of communication is filling out a questionnaire. This will make it easier for us to collect and analyze wishes and important technical details of the future interior. We consider even such details as your height, hobbies, the presence of a vinyl record collection, or even the need to place a cello. And of course, references. They will show us the interiors you like.
    Finally, we schedule a meeting, discuss the preliminary project budget, and sign a collaboration agreement.

  • 2. Measurements

    After we have collected the necessary information, we take accurate measurements of the space. 

  • 3. Planning solution

    We create three different layout options, which include changing the future area and possible relocation of walls, wet spots, and furniture placement.
    This stage is vital, as such factors as the location of sockets, the direction of natural lighting, and other factors determine the ideal location of all future interior elements.
    To complete the planning solution stage, we see you again and choose the best option.

  • 4. Visualization

    The next step involves developing the design concept and visualization. This stage usually takes a few weeks, depending on the project scale.
    We create the visualizations using real furniture and light fixtures models, with an accurate representation of the outcome.

  • 5. Drawings

    After the visualizations are approved, we move on to the stage of creating construction drawings, which serve as a valuable reference for contractors during project implementation. 

  • 6. Specifications

    Compilation of specification tables, where approved models, quantity, prices, and links for each element needed in the project are detailed. That is the final stage of the design development process, where you receive a printed and/or electronic version of the design album with all necessary documentation.
    If you decide to implement the design project independently, without the design supervision, our collaboration ends here. We wish you a successful implementation but are always ready to answer any contractor question.

  • 7. Designer supervision

    If you choose further cooperation with design supervision, we will communicate with salons and suppliers on all selected design elements and their delivery to the site. Having agreed on the estimates of builders and contractors, we begin to control construction work.
    We conduct off-site meetings with all contractors for a comprehensive project discussion. Such a collaborative approach prevents unwanted mistakes during renovation under the design project. Further to the contractor's work schedule, we ensure the timely purchase and delivery of necessary materials and components. 
    At this stage, timely payments for all items are essential for the work progress within the agreed terms.
    The cooperation ends with the delivery of a fully finished object.

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